What are you looking for?


First, the bad news: Logos Press usually cannot accept unsolicited manuscripts. However, if you have a book that you think would be a good fit, you may email us a book pitch. A good book pitch should consist of the following:  

  • A one- to three-sentence vivid and compelling summary of your book's thesis and general gist.
  • A short description of what your book offers for Logos Press's unique goals and evangelical Christian perspective. 
  • Two or three sample chapters, an estimated table of contents, and a proposed finished-manuscript word count.

Email your book pitch to submissions@canonpress.com

  • When will I hear back from Logos Press?
    We will try to respond to your submission request in one to two months. If you haven't heard back from us within a month, we most likely have decided not to pursue your book pitch. Please don't email or call us about the status of your book pitch. 
  • Should I send a completed manuscript if I have it done already? 
    There's no need to send a complete manuscript, either electronically or physically. Logos Press will not return physical manuscripts, so do not send a master. 
  • What's the next step? 
    If we are interested in your book pitch, we will ask for a further, detailed book proposal and resume. Please don't send those things until requested. If you don't hear back from us, you should pursue another avenue for publishing. Best of luck.