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Storybook Latin
Stories. Pictures. Conversations. The best way to learn Latin
Latin programs for children are often silly or dry and teach translation habits that make it hard to read Latin well. Storybook Latin makes Latin fun and easy to learn through stories, especially for first-timers.
Would your kid prefer a story or a grammar chart?

Stories are powerful memory and teaching tools that create a love for learning. Not enough Latin curriculum for kids use it and instead rely heavily on chanting grammar charts.

By using stories to integrate vocab and grammar lessons through fables, Storybook Latin teaches people intimidated, confused, or bored of Latin to enjoy it.

Student Workbook
Give kids the precise mind and articulate speech that comes when they learn Latin—without the headache and sighs of boredom.
Teacher's Guide
Here's your guide to teach Latin right out of the box, no prep required.
Tests, Quizzes, and Answers
Great teachers know when kids struggle or pay careful attention. Learn their struggles to help them succeed.
How Storybook Latin Works

Latin’s not the problem: it’s how we learn it. Don’t trudge through endless lists of vocab, grammar charts, and boring sentences. Tested for grades 3-6 at Logos School, Storybook Latin teaches vocab and grammar embodied through pictures, stories, and conversations. With our Teacher’s Guide, you’ll be ready to teach right away.

What makes Storybook Latin different?
Stories, stories, stories. Storybook Latin anchors all vocab and grammar into fables and story-based translation exercises. Kids learn to think in Latin to understand the world in new ways; they won't translate Latin just to think in English like they already do. Plus, stories are more fun and teach better than textbookese.
First time to teach Latin?
No Latin knowledge required. Student lessons are automatically ordered to build a foundation of vocabulary and grammar to introduce stories and conversations at the right time. The Teacher's Guides helps committed teachers pace lessons, address questions on derivatives and grammar, and discuss Latin fables in the light of biblical truths.
Worried they'll lose interest?
Vocabulary words are illustrated by Netflix illustrator Forrest Dickison. Lovely illustrations help students connect Latin vocab to the world, instead of an English word without context. All the illustrations come together to help time-tested, unforgettable ancient fables come to life.
Whether you're a first-time learner or a burned-out teacher, enjoy learning and teaching Storybook Latin Today.
Recommended for 3rd Grade but good for upper elementary.
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Tell us how Storybook Latin works for you! While we've As we release the final version in July 2020, contact us via email or social media with feedback to make it the best, most enjoyable Latin curriculum for your kids.