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Seventh Grade
Seventh grade is a great time
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Designed for busy parents who want to teach their kids real science, Noeo Chemistry 3 contains a year’s worth of complete daily lesson plans and regular experiment kits (supplies included!). Chem 3 is a fantastic bundle, teaching your kid about the wonders of chemistry in detail and with lots of experiments (including one explosion). Covers in greater depth concepts like chemical reactions, metals & nonmetals, acids & bases, and more, focusing on famous scientists Lavoisier, Boyle, Bunsen, and Mendeleev.


Every student must take logic during junior high: it’s vital to learn the fundamentals of thinking well and is directly suited to this developmental stage. Introductory Logic is an award-winning program that teaches the basics of definitions, categorical logic, informal fallacies, and much more. Includes a new DVD course to teach your student any difficult concepts.


Basic Christian Living contains worksheets for wonderfully practical lessons explaining biblical teaching on basic doctrine, basic wisdom, and Christ in all kinds of relationships. Old Testament Survey was developed at Logos School and covers the basics of the Old Testament in detail, giving your kids a solid biblical foundation.


Don’t make your kids hate math with the “drill-to-death” approach favored by programs like Saxon. Instead, your kid will develop a love of math with the story-based program Life of Fred for Fractions and for Pre-Algebra 0 w/ Physics and Pre-Algebra 1 w/ Biology, reinforced with Zillions of Practice Problems. Life of Fred is award-winning (and affordable!).


Your student is ready to get beyond the book report with Analytical Grammar. Along with this composition and grammar instruction, your kid will continue to boost helpful vocabulary for college admissions tests (and professional life) with the Vocabulary from Classical Roots series.


The novels in the seventh grade lit package integrate with the timelines studied in their history and geography track — and they’re great reads on their own! If you’d prefer, you can find the list of ten novels at logospressonline.com and borrow the books from your local library.


Kraken Latin is the new program designed for students coming from a variety of Latin backgrounds who want to be able to read simple stories and the Latin Bible. It’s a grammar-based approach that focuses on weekly composition and translation of original and adapted stories to master the (Latin) Kraken — and it comes with a DVD course to teach it for you!

History & Geography

The Mystery of History is a great survey of history for Christian kids with plenty of activities for all learning styles. This final installment, Book 4, teaches your student modern history from the Wars of Independence to now. The time periods integrate with your Lit track readings.

Make it a Homeschool Bundle!

Here’s the magic book that brings it all together: The Complete Seventh Grade Daily Lesson Plans! Our Logos Press team has adapted all the best materials from Logos School (the pioneering school of the classical, Christian education movement) and broken down each day into subjects with specific and easy assignments. Your seventh grader will finish everything they need to do over the course of 36 weeks to imitate the faithfulness and success of Logos — at home!