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Second Grade
Second grade is a great time
We recommend great times

Designed for busy parents who want to teach their kids real science, the Noeo Chem 1 bundle contains a year’s worth of complete daily lesson plans and regular experiment kits (supplies included!). Chem 1 has more exciting science that introduces kids to the smallest things in our world: atoms and molecules. They’ll also learn about solids, liquids, and gases along with mixtures and solutions, age-appropriate chemical reactions, and famous scientists including Marie Curie and Dmitri Mendeleev.


Covenantal Catechism Book 2 helps you teach your child about man’s sin and God’s faithful promise-keeping from Genesis to 2 Samuel. The Covenantal Catechism series contains Bible reading, questions and answers, short songs, weekly objectives, and much more.


Don’t make your kids hate math with the “drill-to-death” approach favored by programs like Saxon. Instead, your kid will develop a love of math with the story-based program Life of Fred, reinforced with as much (or as little) practice as your kid needs from Math Mammoth. Both programs are award-winning (and affordable!)


Once your child has completed a phonics program, it’s time to learn the rules of English with Shurley’s structured program for homeschoolers. They will also get comfortable with handwriting using Logos Cursive, reinforce the rules of spelling and phonics with the Grammar of Spelling, and start to develop basic composition skills by imitating Aesop’s fables (all three of the these programs were refined over decades by Logos School teaches).


Whether your child is working through the shorter books all on their own or simply listening to you read the early chapter books aloud, the 2nd Grade reading bundle will help your fledgling reader get comfortable with reading and establish a love of books. Remember, you can find the list of 25 storybooks at logospressonline.com and borrow the books from your local library. If your kid is still working through their Explode the Code phonics program from 1st Grade, this track is where you’d finish up!

History & Geography

In classical methodology, kids move from what they know to what they don’t know. That’s why we start this track with the history and major features of your state, and learn about important great Americans.

Make it a Homeschool Bundle!

Here’s the magic book that brings it all together: The Complete Second Grade Daily Lesson Plans! Our Logos Press team has adapted all the best materials from Logos School (the pioneering school of the classical, Christian education movement) and broken down each day into subjects with specific and easy assignments. Your second grader will finish everything they need to do over the course of 36 weeks to imitate the faithfulness and success of Logos — at home!