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Worldview Guide for Walden

"Walden is a book that defies traditional classification. Thoreau moves nimbly between social commentary, political critique and vivid descriptions of the parenting behavior of wood-cocks. His assessment of his modern society is at once insightful and boorish. He identifies with piercing accuracy the enslavement of his fellow citizens to the complexities of modern life while neglecting the many gifts that are given to us in and through the City of Man." -From Brian Brown's Guide

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The Worldview Guides from the Canon Classics Literature Series provide an aesthetic and thematic Christian perspective on the most definitive and daunting works of Western Literature. Each Worldview Guide presents the big picture (both the good and the bad) without neglecting the details. Each Worldview Guide is a friendly literary coach—and a treasure map, and a compass, and a key—to help teachers, parents, and students appreciate, critique, and begin to master the classics.

The bite-size WGs are divided into these ten sections (with some variation due to genre): Introduction, The World Around, About the Author, What Other Notables Said, Setting, Characters, & Argument, Worldview Analysis, Quotables, 21 Significant Questions & Answers, and Further Discussion & Review. A free classics test and answer key are also available here.

What People Are Saying about the Worldview Guides:

"The content is excellent" -Cathy Duffy, Homeschool Reviewer

"this book is nice enough I'll probably get the paper copy of the next canon classic worldview guide I get." -student

"Can't wait to order more of these Worldview Guides to accompany my reading and re-reading of classics." -a reader

Brian Brown is pastor at Trinity Church Denver and a founding board member at Augustine Classical Academy, where all three of his children are enrolled. He got a Master’s degree in biblical exegesis at Wheaton.

IMPRINT: Canon Classics Literature Series

AUTHOR: Brian Brown

PAGE COUNT: 54 pages

SIZE: 5x8"

ISBN 10: 1-947644-26-2

ISBN-13: 978-1-947644-26-7

PUB. DATE: November 19, 2019