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White Fang

Canon Classics

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White Fang

Canon Classics


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  • "I have been guilty of writing two books about dogs. The writing of these two stories, on my part, was in truth a protest against the "humanizing" of animals, of which it seemed to me several "animal writers" had been profoundly guilty. Time and again, and many times, in my narratives, I wrote, speaking of my dog-heroes: "He did not think these things; he merely did them," etc. And I did this repeatedly, to the clogging of my narrative and in violation of my artistic canons; and I did it in order to hammer into the average human understanding that these dog-heroes of mine were not directed by abstract reasoning, but by instinct, sensation and emotion, and by simple reasoning." ~Jack London

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    After the success of The Call of the Wild , Jack London turned to a different challenge: instead of telling the story of a domestic animal going wild, what about a wild animal becoming civilized? This novel follows the birth and raising of a wolf cub in the wild, who earns the name White Fang, but finds itself being broken by a man and finding his place in the world of humans.

    This Canon Classic is full of adventure, excitement, and the thrill of the wilderness.

  • IMPRINT: Canon Classics

    AUTHOR: Jack London

    PAGE COUNT: 250 pages

    SIZE: 5.5x8.5"

    BINDING: Paperback

    ISBN-10: 1952410908

    ISBN-13: 9781952410901

    PUB. DATE: March 29, 2022 (first published in 1906)

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