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The Case for Classical Christian Education

Douglas Wilson

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The Case for Classical Christian Education

Douglas Wilson


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  • Published almost twenty years ago, Douglas Wilson’s Case for Classical Christian Education is a call for parents and educators to do more than just teach kids how to read or to do math and science. Instead, parents and teachers need to educate children’s minds, hearts, and imaginations.

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    Both homeschooling parents and Christians seeking to build schools will find a lot of guidance from this book. Wilson explains the benefits of an education that is both distinctively classical and distinctively Christian and what such an education might look like. He also draws on years of educating and pastoring to talk about how parents and teachers can manage schools well and train their children’s hearts.

    Education is not just preparing kids for the job market, but should be about instilling discipline, character, and love for God and the world He has made.

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    From the Book:

    “Every Christian school must adopt an implicit, absolute, childlike wonder at the glory of the Scriptures. We must be people of the Book, knowing it top to bottom, front to back. And we must resolve, before the fact, to have absolutely no problem with any passage of Scripture once the meaning of that passage has been ascertained through honest exegesis. This means, among other things, that Christians must be prepared to condemn sodomy, embrace the doctrine of creation, say that husbands are the heads of their wives, believe in giants and dragons, and believe in Noah’s ark right down to, if necessary, the giraffe’s head sticking out the window.” -From the book

  • Douglas Wilson has been the pastor for Christ Church for over forty years and is a father of three and grandfather of seventeen. He has helped found many educational institutions such as New Saint Andrews College, Logos School, and Greyfriars Hall. His book Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning helped launch the Classical Christian Education movement, including the Association of Classical Christian Schools which now has over a …

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