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The Administrator's Handbook for Christian Schools

Larry Stephenson

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The Administrator's Handbook for Christian Schools

Larry Stephenson


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  • Running a school is no big deal, right? If you need help starting or running or even saving a school, this book is full the wisdom and real-world experience that will benefit you enormously.

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    If administrators aim to graduate young men and women who think clearly, articulate persuasively, and evaluate everything in the light of the Scriptures, then they cannot afford to let current educational culture dictate school policies. But, at the same time, the array of issues facing high school administrators and school boards is staggering, and not something to undertake without guidance. Dr. Larry Stephenson has more than twenty-five years of experience in school administration, and his book, The Administrator's Handbook for Christian Schools , is a comprehensive guide to giving kids an academically rigorous and wholeheartedly Christian education.

    Dr. Stephenson addresses all the questions that have to be answered, both in theory (school culture, teaching methods, etc.) and practice (emergencies, dress codes, hiring and firing, and so on). With helpful appendices of templates for all kinds of school forms, The Administrator's Handbook gives you the information you need to navigate these perennial issues in the life of a school: Admissions, Discipline, Evaluations, Curriculum, Scope and Sequence, Activities, Athletics, AP Courses, College Guidance, GPAs, Honors Classes, Facilities, Capital Campaigns, Public Relation, Budget, Salaries, and much more!

  • AUTHOR: Larry Stephenson

    PAGE COUNT: 254 pages

    SIZE: 8.5x11"

    ISBN 10: 1591281563

    ISBN-13: 9781591281566

    PUB. DATE: January 1, 2015

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