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Storybook Latin Year 1 Tests & Quizzes

Heather Fluhart

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Storybook Latin Year 1 Tests & Quizzes

Heather Fluhart


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  • This product is part of our 3rd grade Latin homeschool bundle.

    Look Inside the Tests and Quizzes

    Storybook Latin Tests and Quizzes contains weekly quizzes on vocabulary (picture-to-Latin), declensions, endings, and simple composition, along with four cumulative tests through the year.

    Learn about Storybook Latin :

    More teaching resources for Storybook Latin:

    Storybook Latin I Student Edition contains lessons, exercises, stories, and flashcards for every lesson. Answers to the exercises are found in the Teacher Edition.

    Storybook Latin I Teacher's Edition contains a daily lesson schedule for completing Storybook Latin in a year; answers to all exercises, review exercises, quizzes, and tests in the order they are taught; and the entire Student Edition text—with the same page numbers as the Student Edition!

    Storybook Latin I Flashcards are printed on 8.5x11 cardstock and include all the pictures found in the Storybook Latin textbook.

    Storybook Latin I Full Package contains the Student Workbook, the Teacher's Edition, and Tests & Quizzes . Printed flashcards can be added.

  • PAGE COUNT: 82 pages

    SIZE: 8.50x10"

    ISBN 10: 1952410029

    ISBN-13: 9781952410024

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