Single Use Streaming License: It's Good to Be a Man Documentary

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Michael Foster

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Host a showing of the new It's Good to Be a Man documentary!

Showing the doc to more than a few friends and family? To host a watch party with your church or large groups, purchase a single-use streaming license to get:

  1. One streaming license to show the It's Good to Be a Man documentary from your Canon+ account.
  2. Press kit of digital assets to promote your documentary showing event.
  3. A downloadable flyer with an exclusive code for a month of Canon+ for any new subscribers who attend your showing for $0.99 (put your shipping address in the "Notes" when you check out).
  4. 30% wholesale discount off any number of copies of It's Good to Be a Man documentary the book (email to place this wholesale order).
  5. Free PDF download of the It's Good to Be a Man study guide.

Purchase this license and host a watch party! Contact us via phone or email ( to purchase discounted copies of the book.

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Mark Landess
Great Summation

The video is a helpful summary of the book of the same name. We appreciate the humor and the challenges. We pray God will use this video to help encourage men to joyful and fully embrace their roles as the head of their household for the glory of God!