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Rand McNally’s Atlas of World Geography

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Rand McNally's Atlas of World Geography provides engaging and richly illustrated geographic information for secondary students from grades six through 12.

Thematic maps, graphs and charts help present a more complete portrait of our physical and political world.


Atlas Features:

  • More than 65 highly detailed physical and political maps
  • Thematic maps show plate tectonics, population, land use, climate, and more
  • 20 pages of graphs, charts, and tables provide comparative information about physical, political, economic, and cultural features of the world
  • Glossary and comprehensive index for making full use of maps
  • Special continent sections highlight such themes as rain forest depletion, changing political boundaries in Europe, and the Ring of Fire in Asia
  • Secondary atlas geared for students from sixth through 12th grades
  • 176 pages, paperback, 8.5" x 10 7/8"


ISBN: 9780528177927