Radiant: Fifty Remarkable Women in Church History

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Richard Hannula

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Your family will be fascinated and fed by these fifty true stories of great Christian women throughout history.

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From South America to Europe, from China to Africa to the Wild West, in prisons and in throne rooms, many great Christians have left a stunning legacy for their successors. These short and moving biographies for young people introduce fifty often unfamiliar champions of the faith: women like Ida Kahn, who opened the first hospital in a Chinese city of 300,000 people; Lady Anne Hamilton, who rode with the Covenanter cavalry at the decisive Battle of Berwick; and Anngrace Taban, who was forced to type secret battle plans for the Sudan People's Liberation Army. In a culture where women's role in society is often at question, these examples of faithfulness can remind us that courage and godliness are possible anywhere, even if you are surrounded by Muslim raiders, Japanese guards, Nazis, or cannibals.

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What People Are Saying:

"Through these robust and hearty profiles Richard Hannula brings to life fifty women of faith who helped shape church history. His interest is authentic, his research is solid, and his admiration is genuine." -Joel Belz, founder of World Magazine

"Women have made a vital contribution to the growth and progress of the Christian Church since the beginning. Hannula recognizes and celebrates that contribution and rallies the rising generation of Christian women to lives of action, vitality and faithfulness. A great read!"" -Gwen Westerlund, author of Faithful Following and Telling the Next Generation

"From the time of Christ's ministry on earth until the present day, faithful women have left us a legacy of courage, sacrifice, and service in the midst of trials. In this new collection of stories, Richard Hannula has given us a rich resource of encouragement and inspiration."" ~-Nancy Wilson, author of Praise Her in the Gates

"It is deeply encouraging to find Christian historians and authors beginning to recognize the important role played by women in the history of God’s people, and pen both popular and more academic studies of this important subject. ...a good representation of the globalization of the Christian faith in the past two hundred years." -Michael A.G. Haykin, Professor of Church History The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Richard M. Hannula earned a BA in history from the University of Southern California and a MA in education from the University of Washington. Since 1980, he has taught history in the Pacific Northwest, and he currently serves as the principal of Covenant High School in Tacoma, Washington. He is author of Trial and Triumph, Heralds of the Reformation, and For Christ's Crown and Covenant, and he leads church history tours in Europe.

AUTHOR: Richard M. Hannula

PAGE COUNT: 330 pages

SIZE: 6x9"

ISBN-10: 1591281865 

ISBN-13: 9781591281863

PUB. DATE: April 28, 2015

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