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Outlaws of Time #3: The Last of the Lost Boys

N.D. Wilson

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Outlaws of Time #3: The Last of the Lost Boys

N.D. Wilson


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  • “Are you going to run, Vulture?” Sam asked. “Are you afraid?” The Vulture’s eyes hardened. “Today you die, Miracle. Forever.” Sam smiled. “After you…”

    Alex always thought his life was boring at best. But when he learns that his favorite time-traveling heroes Sam and Glory are his real parents, Alex realizes he never needed to dream of an elsewhere. Just an elsewhen.

    But when Alex sets out to find Father Tiempo, he is ambushed and transformed into the powerful villain El Terremento. Now there’s not a second to waste.

    Unless Sam and Glory Miracle can stop the son they didn’t even know they were going to have—let alone lose—history will be unhinged, for good .

    What People Are Saying about Outlaws :

    "Wilson ( Boys of Blur ) delivers a twisty, swashbuckling tale.... Readers who embrace the novel’s off-kilter perspective should find it an entertaining romp, one that lays groundwork for future installments in the Outlaws of Time series." - Publishers Weekly

    "A wide world of incredible magic." - Booklist

    "On the charges of wild action, mind-bending fantasy, unforgettable characters, and enough fun plot twists to blow the ten-gallon from any reader’s head, the verdict on ND Wilson’s Outlaws of Time : crazy guilty." -Peter Lerangis, author of the Seven Wonders series

    "A lightning fast adventure with one breathless action scene after another." -J.A. White, author of the Thickety series

    “An exciting adventure with relentless action and more twists and turns than a sidewinder snake on the hunt.” -Michael Northrop, author of the Tombquest series

  • N.D. Wilson is the bestselling author of more than ten novels for children, including the 100 Cupboards trilogy , The Ashtown Burials , and Outlaws of Time . His nonfiction book Death by Living won Book of the Year from Christianity Today . He is also a film-maker and director, with projects including The Riot and the Dance , a Christian nature documentary and …

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