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Our Mother Tongue: Student Workbook

Nancy Wilson

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Our Mother Tongue: Student Workbook

Nancy Wilson

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  • With Our Mother Tongu e , the complete concise grammar guide, everyone can learn to love English.

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    "The world seems to be quite full of grammar books, but it is not easy to find a text today that covers all the bases, still emphasizes diagramming, is not laden with politically correct jargon, and embraces a Christian world view.

    I am certainly not claiming to have achieved all these things in this little book, but I have …

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  • Nancy Wilson has been a pastor's wife and homemaker in Moscow, Idaho for more than thirty years. She is the author of a number of books including True Companion, Building Her House, The Fruit of Her Hands, and Praise Her in the Gates , and a regular contributor to She and her husband Douglas have three children and seventeen grandchildren, which makes for some crazy Sabbath dinners. …

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