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Orbis Pictus: The Natural World

Timothy Griffith

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Orbis Pictus: The Natural World

Timothy Griffith


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  • Learn Latin words for animals and everyday things the way you're supposed to learn a language with Orbis Pictus .

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    Utilizing macaronic sentences, Latin idioms, illustrations that get at the essentials of words, and a glossary for pronunciation, synonyms, and other useful words, the Orbis Pictus series provides Latin educators with a tool specifically to introduce Latin vocabulary, regardless of their textbook or philosophy of teaching. The Orbis Pictus series helps students pick up vocabulary in the best ways possible:
    It …

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  • Timothy Griffith is a fellow of Classical Languages at New Saint Andrews College, and he is the director of the Latin Phaedrus Composition Contest. He received his M.A. in Classical Languages from the University of Kentucky, and is currently pursuing his doctorate in classics with the University of Florida. He and his wife Casey live in Moscow, Idaho with their four children.

    AUTHOR: Timothy Griffith

    PAGE COUNT: 104 pages …

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