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Physics 3 (Grades 7-8)

Physics 3 is the open-and-go curriculum that has everything you need to get science done in a year: books, experiment kits, a schedule that coordinates physics readings and experiments, and a student notebook to retain the year's lessons. Physics 3 is perfect for readers interested in physics who can read 7th - 8th Grade material, typically ages 13-15.

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    Inside Physics 3

    • Major Topics Covered in Physics 3:

      • History of Physics
      • Forces and Motion
      • Simple Machines
      • Energy
      • Electricity
      • Magnets and Electromagnetism
      • Light
      • Sound
    • Famous Inventors Covered in Physics 3:
        • Albert Einstein
        • Archimedes
        • Nicolaus Copernicus
        • Galileo Galilei
      • Instructor's Guide
      • Lab Manual
      • Living Books
        • Isaac Newton
        • Exploring the World of Physics
        • Introduction to Physics: The Science of Physics
        • Introduction to Physics: Sound
        • Introduction to Physics: Light
        • Essential Physical Science: Magnetism
        • Physics - Why Matter Matters!
        • Eyewitness Electricity by Dorling Kindersley
        • Findout! Energy Dorling Kindersley
      • Experiment Kits by Thames and Kosmos
        • Physics Workshop Experiment Set
      • Experiment Kits by Elenco
        • Electronic Snap Circuits Snaptricity Set