Noeo Mini: Your Human Body

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Noeo Science

🫀 Learn about the human body with hands-on experiments and adventures with Max Axiom

Get ready to see how your heart pumps blood, inflate balloon lungs, move food through a digestive system, and more—all with the included experiment supplies and the easy-to-follow instructions!

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    Julia Kellogg
    Great science fun!

    Love that this lends itself so easily to the scientific method. And it is really easy to get out and go with. It pairs really well with our Classical Conversations cycle 3 work.

    Amanda cox
    Love our kit!

    I love the concept! I wish it went into more detail with the explanations, almost making a little lesson out of each experiment, but overall fantastic!

    Fun and engaging mini set!

    My kids are especially loving the Max Axiom book about the digestive system!

    Taylor O
    Simple, fun & easy

    We have used a few of the Noeo science kits and have enjoyed them for their ease of use. They require little planning and come with the majority of supplies. I can use various kits for different subjects or terms/semesters and across multiple ages. I have my older children run the experiments for the younger children which gives them all some experience and motivation. We will likely return for other sets for the flexibility and convenience. Thanks for creating great science kits to bless our family!