Noeo Mini: The Power of Fire

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Noeo Science

🔥 Learn about the power of fire with hands-on experiments and adventures with Max Axiom

Get ready to light a match with pencil lead, burn iron fibers, start a fire with a battery, create a slithering carbon snake, fight fire, and more—all with the included experiment supplies and the easy-to-follow instructions. 

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    Joy Alons
    Experiment were okay

    The experiment were very simplistic and could have easily found information online to do them. I did not feel that is was worth the expense to have the materials gathered for you since most were common household materials. If I didn’t already have the item at home they were readily available to purchase and would have been much more affordable.

    Brittney DiSesa
    An awesome mini unit!

    My 10 yr old son absolutely loved doing this mini unit. He was sad when it was over.

    Amanda Moore
    Still deciding

    Experiments don’t always work well, or at all. Some information in books present theories, like the Big Bang, as factual data. Not just a theory.
    I don’t like that.

    Hi Amanda! Thank you for the feedback. We have updated our curriculum to make the experiments easier to follow. We believe science speaks for itself. So we provide the highest quality literature, experiments, and lessons and leave religious interpretation up to the instructor. While a couple of living books in the curriculum are Christian, and a couple of others have evolutionary commentary, the instructor is informed of this in the instructor’s guide and they can choose what they will include or exclude.

    Amylynn Smith

    Noeo Mini: The Power of Fire

    Anna Grube
    Terrific and very easy to use

    I ordered the Noeo mini fire unit on impulse while it was on sale, and I was super impressed! Very engaging lessons, it included everything we needed for the experiments (no running to the store!) and was very well designed and presented. I learned some interesting facts right along with my kids! I'm definitely looking into buying more of the curriculum, we loved it!