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N.D. Wilson's School of Fantastical Wordcraft (DVD)

N.D. Wilson

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N.D. Wilson's School of Fantastical Wordcraft (DVD)

N.D. Wilson


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  • This course is for any kid (or adult) ages 8+ who has ever thought "I would like to be able to write stories."

    N.D. Wilson's School of Fantastical Wordcraft is now in session! Get started immediately with this digital video course on the basics of telling stories (fictional or real life) from award-winning author and director N.D. Wilson. This DVD includes practical assignments, advice on genre and market, and much more!


    1. The Basics
    2. Plot, Outlining, and Story Architecture
    3. World Building: Fantasy and Realism
    4. Character Building
    5. Dialogue & P.O.V.
    6. The Poetry of Description
    7. Mastering the Senses
    8. Words are for Reals
    9. Genre & Market

    The complete Fantastical Wordcraft video course is available for streaming with a subscription to Canon+. Visit to learn more.

    What People Are Saying:

    "A great storytelling course..." -Tony Reinke, senior writer at Desiring God and author of Lit! A Christian Guide to Reading Books

  • N.D. Wilson is the bestselling author of more than ten novels for children, including the 100 Cupboards trilogy , The Ashtown Burials , and Outlaws of Time . His nonfiction book Death by Living won Book of the Year from Christianity Today . He is also a film-maker and director, with projects including The Riot and the Dance , a Christian nature documentary and cinematic celebration of creation. …

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