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Modern American History


Tom Garfield

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Written by Tom Garfield who taught this class for over 20 years, this workbook-format text is full of outlines, charts, time-lines, maps, and lots of creative assignments to give students a “hands-on” understanding of the last 150 years of America’s history.

This package includes:

The book provides the primary outline and lessons for this semester-long course, but recommends that you use a good history textbook to fill in content. 

This teacher's edition of the Modern U.S. History student workbook suggests a 19-week schedule, provides answers to all the worksheets, helpful review sheets, quizzes, a final project and a test.

In Modern United States History the student will develop a working knowledge of the sequence of events in the United States during the late 19th, the entire 20th, and the beginning of the 21st centuries. They will chronicle the emergence of the United States as a world leader and identify the causes and results of major wars and cultural trends. Students will trace the decaying of biblical mores in the United States, and the acceleration of technological growth. This course will apply a "hands-on" approach, using a variety of visual and auditory materials, original sources, documents and artifacts.