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Logos Cursive Book 1
The Alphabet & Bible Memory

Developed over 20 years in the classroom, B.J. Loyd has created a unique program for teaching handwriting to children. 

Look Inside the Curriculum

This workbook teaches students the Modern Cursive style of handwriting. This program has students imitate excellent handwriting while copying selections of worthwhile content and was developed in the 2nd grade classroom at Logos School by veteran teacher B.J. Jordan.

This first book in the series has students copying the letters of the alphabet. Students trace over dotted letters and learn each stroke in the letter one at a time with plenty of practice. Then students practice joining the letters together, and gradually they practice connecting different letters with different words. The book ends with a series of Bible verses which the students copy out by hand.

Appropriate for students in the 2nd grade and up. It includes 10 printing review exercises and 70 exercises. 


ILLUSTRATOR: Mark Beauchamp

PAGE COUNT: 95 pages

SIZE: 8.5x11" perforated pages for easy tear-out

ISBN 10: 1-95-241003-7

ISBN 13: 978-1-952410-03-1

Release Date: April 21, 2020