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Life of Fred 7th Grade (Pre-Algebra 1)

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Most students who use this series are in middle school. While most schools teach physics in twelfth grade, these books provide a template to learning about physics before algebra is learned. Providing a fun integration of subjects, these books give students a context that matters in the real world-the interplay between science and math. Age-appropriate, this book does not discuss reproduction, the digestive system, or evolution.

This package contains four books in the Life of Fred Pre-Algebra Series. Click the links below to look inside the books. This package includes:

Witty and truly entertaining, these books will engage students in a way unlike any other math program - --while also instilling a solid understanding of the principles of mathematics without an abundance of repetitive drills. This series is perfect for inquisitive students who struggle with the relevance of math, or anyone looking for a creative approach to mathematic thinking!

Forty chapters are included, each of which ends with a "Your Turn to Play" segment with a small number of thought-provoking questions. Answers are provided on the next page for students to go over themselves after attempting to solve the problems. "The Bridge" review questions are given after every six-to-seven chapters, and provide transitions between concepts as well as a means of assessment.

Each book is 288 pages and each respective practice problems book is 208-240 pages, indexed; hardcover, non-consumable textbook with Smyth-sewn binding. Students write their answers on separate paper. Answers are also included in the text and written directly to the student.