Life of Fred: Liver

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Stanley Schmidt

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Liver is the second book in the Life of Fred Intermediate Series, which is designed for students who have completed the elementary series books but have not yet completed grade 5.



  • 1/4 + 1/4 +1/4 = 3/4,
  • Elapsed Time
  • The Three Angles of a Triangle Always Add to 180º
  • The Pythagorean Theorem
  • Finding Two-fifths of $400,000
  • Solving 2x - 7 = 11
  • Pie Charts
  • Six-sevenths of 413
  • Short Division
  • Quotients
  • Secant Lines
  • Changing Percents to Fractions—68 Completely Worked out Examples
  • Computing 2% of 550
  • Functions, Domains, and Codomains
  • Reducing Fractions
  • Finding an Average.


  • I.e., E.g., Viz.
  • The Two Rules of Survival
  • Passing the Sat Exam
  • Metaphors
  • What Can Go Wrong with a Lifetime Guarantee
  • How To Be a Business Success
  • Ordering Tjvjik
  • Ghapama and Satsivi at a Restaurant
  • Being a Hepatologist
  • What Livers Do
  • the Difference Between Saturnalia and Saturnine
  • Hypercholesterolemia
  • Cirrhosis
  • the Drawbacks of Multitasking
  • Extradural Hemorrhage
  • Four Drawbacks to Fred Living in a Castle in Germany
  • Verbs Often Used by People in Various Occupations
  • Treble and Bass Clefs
  • Electrical Use by U.S. Farms in 1925
  • How to Win at Bridge
  • How to Have People like You
  • Who Is Not Harmed by Watching Television All Day Long
  • the Difference Between Graffito and Graffiti
  • Pet Names Are Different than Names for Pets
  • How Not to Work Out in a Gym Weight Room
  • Brain Chatter and the Uses of Silence
  • The First Step in Producing Great Art
  • What Three Units of a College Class Means
  • Reasonable Answers
  • The One Purpose of Great Universities
  • The Masthead of a Newspaper
  • Forming the Possessive of Words That End in S
  • Four Things That Are Important to Learn Earlier in Life

Each narrative-based chapter is approximately six pages, and ends with a "Your Turn to Play" segment with three or four questions. Answers are provided on the next page for students to go over themselves after attempting to solve the problems. This book should take approximately one month to complete.

Life of Fred is a unique, complete (not supplemental), math program that uses a highly engaging narrative to teach math without fear and with enjoyment. Students follow the life of Fred Gauss (a math professor who grows up to the age of six), who has many humorous, unlikely, and zany adventures over the course of the curriculum. Math becomes relevant and important because the need for math occurs in Fred's life (and he sees math everywhere). Witty and truly entertaining, these books will engage students in a way unlike any other math program - --while also instilling a solid understanding of the principles of mathematics without an abundance of repetitive drills. This series is perfect for inquisitive students who struggle with the relevance of math, or anyone looking for a creative approach to mathematic thinking!

128 pages, indexed; hardcover, non-consumable textbook with Smyth-sewn binding. Students write their answers on separate paper. Answers are also included in the text and written directly to the student.

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