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Latin Primer 2: Student

Martha Wilson

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Latin Primer 2: Student

Martha Wilson


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  • Over half of the English language is derived from Latin.

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    aquarium - aqua , water
    fable - fabula , story
    clamor - clamo , I shout
    dolphin - delphinus , dolphin
    narrator - narro , I tell

    These and thousands of other words we use every day keep this "dead" language—a language of kings and poets, of scrolls and secrets—alive. And this means that when we study Latin, we're not just learning about Rome—we're learning about ourselves. Rediscover this time-honored language, which led classical education pioneer Dorothy Sayers to declare that "Latin should be begun as early as possible ... when the chanting of " Amo, amas, amat " is as ritually agreeable to the feelings as the chanting of "eeny, meeny, miney, moe."

    In Latin Primer 2 , Martha Wilson strengthens elementary school students (grades 4 and up) in the basics they discovered in Latin Primer 1 , and leads them steadily into new territory. Revised and expanded, this text spotlights the fundamentals of classical Latin: vocabulary for everyday experiences like names of animals; verb and noun endings; adjective and adverb use; questions and commands; and other early grammar essentials.

    Click here to drill all Vocabulary lists on quizlet.

  • Martha Wilson received a bachelor's degree from Washington State University majoring in both elementary education and fine arts. She taught at Logos School in Moscow, Idaho from 1985-1991, studied Latin at New St. Andrew's College and the University of Idaho, and was the Latin teacher at Logos for her last three years there. She and her husband Jeff live in Georgetown, Kentucky with their seven children in an old house on a quiet …

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