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Grammar of Poetry: Student

Matt Whitling

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Grammar of Poetry: Student

Matt Whitling


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  • Poetry is about much more than just coming up with rhymes at a moment's notice: poetry is a study of the craft of language.

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    This is the ideal introductory text for students and teachers discovering the art of poetry. As a 'grammar,' it teaches the fundamentals of poetry from scansion and rhyme to more advanced concepts like spatial poetry and synecdoche.

    Using the classical methodology of imitation (advocated by educators like Quintilian and Benjamin Franklin), this text makes students become active participants as they learn the craft of …

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  • Matt Whitling is the principal of Logos School in Moscow, Idaho, and the author of the best-selling Grammar of Poetry textbook. He is also a featured speaker at the Association of Classical Christian School's Annual Conference and a member of the New Saint Andrews College Board. He and his wife Tora live in Moscow, Idaho and have seven children.

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