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Explode the Code, Book 7

*This product is part of the 1st grade English and Phonics Package and will not be sold outside of that package. If you order this product on its own, your purchase will be refunded.*

Explode the Code Book 7 introduces students to the sounds of soft c and g, silent consonant patterns -dge, and silent t and silent h words and is ideal for students in grades 2-4. Skills addressed through a variety of encoding, decoding, and writing exercises include soft c and g,silent letters -dge, -mb, kn, wr, silent t, silent h, ph, sounds of ear, and ei and eigh words. Students will also practice blending sounds to read and write multi-syllabic words and phrases. Three review lessons are included along with a posttest.

The 2nd Edition of Explode the Code features:

  • Revised student directions for precision and ease of understanding
  • Updated content and some illustrations to clarify examples
  • Stories in Books 7 & 8 were revised and/or replaced with new content

124 pages, softcover. Non-reproducible, consumable workbook. 2nd Edition. Grades 2-4.