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Elementary Curriculum Guide - Bible (Download)

Logos Press

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Elementary Curriculum Guide - Bible (Download)

Logos Press

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  • The 2014-15 curriculum guide for secondary Bible classes at Logos School in Moscow, Idaho—the pioneering ACCS school.


    • An essay on the Christian Worldview of this subject
    • An explanation of teaching this subject in the grammar stage
    • Goals for all grades in this subject

    For each grade (PreK through 6):

    • A list of primary texts and materials
    • A list of specific grade level objectives
    • A list of teaching methods for this subject
    • A list of assessment guidelines for this subject
    • A typical lesson outline
    • A suggestion for the approximate time per week to spend on this subject

    Note: Digital Download products are only available for online purchase.

  • AUTHOR: Logos Press

    PAGE COUNT: 16 pages

    SIZE: 8.5x11"

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