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Covenantal Catechism, Book 5: Acts

Harry Van Dyken

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Covenantal Catechism, Book 5: Acts

Harry Van Dyken


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  • Covenantal Catechism helps parents raise children who need more Scriptural understanding of the Gospels so they can make a clear and complete biblical confession of faith and live it out. Book 5 is f or beginners or ages 9-11 and surveys the book of the Acts of the Apostles. It contains lessons, reviews, memory work and songs, and Bible reading assignments.

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    Catechism Means Question and Answer

    After Jesus had led and taught the disciples three years, He posed this question to them, "Who do you say that I am?" Peter …

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  • Henry Van Dyken was born in 1917, the eighth child in the family. After a move to California, Van Dyken grew up, married, and worked as an electrician. Changing his life's direction, he graduated from Calvin Seminary in 1954 and served in Orthodox Christian Reformed churches in California, Washington, and Canada. He loved the Heidelberg Catechism, preaching it and teaching numerous classes. This instruction led him to pen his own …

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