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Covenantal Catechism Book 3 – Teacher’s Handbook

Covenantal Catechism helps parents raise children who need more Scriptural understanding of 1 Kings to Malachi so they can make a clear and complete biblical confession of faith and live it out. This Teacher's Handbook contains instructions for effective teaching of Book 3: 1 Kings to Malachi and an answer key.

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Calvin, Luther, and Knox called catechetical instruction through question and answer essential. John Owen said, "More knowledge is ordinarily diffused, especially among the young and ignorant, by one hour’s catechetical exercise, than by many hours continual discourse."

When Jesus questioned his disciples, "Who do you say that I am?", Peter answered, "You are the Christ, the Son of the living God."

This is the essence of catechism and covenant. Catechism is a summary of the faith through question and answer. In a covenant, God reveals Himself and his people respond; God speaks, people answer. This catechism curriculum is built on that pattern. 

In Covenantal Catechism, children learn

  1. What God has said and is saying to them in His Word, the Bible
  2. How they should answer God and what confession of faith to make. 

Children learn both the unified story of God's covenantal redemption in Christ from Genesis to Revelation and how to faithfully live in covenant with God and make a clear, fitting, and deeply biblical confession of faith like the Reformed confessions from Heidelberg, Westminster, Dort, etc. 

Donald Van Dyken is a pastor at Trinity Church of Tri Cities in Washington State, and has penned the work Rediscovering Catechism.

AUTHOR: Donald Van Dyken

PAGE COUNT: 245 pages

SIZE: 8.5x11"