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B.J. Jordan

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Classical Math 2 is a systematic, logical approach to teaching mathematics. It provides, from the first lesson to the last lesson, orderly exercises for the student to completely understand numbers with constant review and rigorous exercises.

By the end of the Second Grade, a student should understand counting and writing numbers, place values, and computation of numbers. In addition, it provides continued instruction in telling time, using measurement, working with money, reading graphs, and much more.

Each lesson begins with oral exercises in count bys, drills, short timed fact quizzes, and a systematic review of past material. Then the teacher presents the lesson’s new objective, utilizing chants, such as the Running Total Chants, Fact Family Chants, Regrouping Chants, and whole group responses, especially when learning new terms and rules, and step-by-step processes, where the student learns the logical order for performing each operation. Sample exercises are then completed working together. Finally, once the lesson has been taught and practiced, another worksheet is provided to review the concept.


  • Clock and dates
  • Story Problems
  • Graphs and venn diagrams
  • Shapes and measuring distance, volume, and temperature
  • Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing within 1-10
  • Counting by 2-12
  • Counting coins
  • Probability

The complete package includes all five books in Classical Math 2:

The format for this answer key is designed to make it very easy for teachers to correct. All the answers for the student workbook are completed in RED.

Each page of this workbook has 50-100 math problems for practice. It contains 172 reproducible pages of timed math drills, appropriate for the second grade student, and it also includes a recommended quiz and test schedule.

Answer key for the Classical Math 2 Math Facts workbook. It includes a recommended quiz and test schedule.

This Classical Math 2 Teacher's Manual is really three books in one. It features the Teacher's Manual, plus a 37-page reproducible Resource Book containing additional student worksheets, and the Resource Book Answer Key.

See inside the Student Workbook, Student Workbook Answer Key, Math Facts Workbook. Math Facts Answer Key, and the Teacher's Edition.

What People Are Saying:

"After years of searching for a math program that was 'just the right fit' in the early grammar years, Mrs. Jordan wrote her own. We couldn't be more pleased with the results...The reason that we wrote Classical Math is that, while we do appreciate many aspects of the Saxon program, we aren't so fond of the overall pacing, emphasis, and formatting of Saxon math in the lower elementary. We wanted a math program that reviewed previous material without becoming tedious, emphasized what we would call the grammar of mathematics (arithmetic), and had a layout that fostered a serious study of math in the lower grades." -Matt Whitling, Elementary Principle at Logos School

"We at Cary Christian School implemented this classical math program five years ago and have found it to be highly successful. B.J. Jordan uses her practical classroom experience in classical education pedagogy to produce a curriculum that is both challenging in recall of past concepts, as well as providing enough practice of the new concept to cement those ideas in preparation for the next day’s lesson. This math program provides that important balance better than any other that I have reviewed or experienced during my twenty-year career." -Larry Stephenson, Superintendent, Logos School

"I have found the Classical Math 2 to be a wonderful math curriculum for our second grade. It is thorough and challenging, with comprehensive and consistent review of each concept learned. It teaches students to pay attention to detail, to read directions carefully, and to be consistent in answering questions. I have been extremely pleased with Classical Math 2. My students have worked hard and done well. I feel they really know what they have learned and are ready to move on to the next level." -Connie Kimmell, 2nd Grade Teacher


AUTHOR: B.J. Jordan

PAGE COUNT: 204 pages

SIZE: 8.5x11"

ISBN 10: 1930443897

ISBN-13: 9781930443891

Student Answer Key:

AUTHOR: B.J. Jordan

PAGE COUNT: 205 pages

FORMAT: Coil-bound

SIZE: 8.5x11"

ISBN-11: 1947644610

ISBN-13: 9781947644618

Math Facts:

AUTHOR: B.J. Jordan

PAGE COUNT: 188 pages

SIZE: 8.5x11"

ISBN 10: 1930443919

ISBN-13: 9781930443914

Math Facts Answer Key:

AUTHOR: B.J. Jordan

PAGE COUNT: 188 pages

SIZE: 8.5x11"

ISBN 10: 1930443927

ISBN-13: 9781930443921


AUTHOR: B.J. Jordan

PAGE COUNT: 144 pages

FORMAT: Coil-bound

SIZE: 8.5x11"

ISBN 10: 1930443293

ISBN-13: 9781930443297