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Classical Education & the Homeschool

Douglas Wilson

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Classical Education & the Homeschool

Douglas Wilson

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  • Homeschooling is an adventure, and it often feels like you're barely keeping ahead of your child. Why do we do it, and how can we do that well?

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    As we survey the educational ruins around us, classical and Christian education appears to be an idea whose time has come again, both in schools and in homeschools. More and more Christian parents are seeing the …

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  • Doug Wilson is the author of Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning , pastor of Christ Church, Moscow, Idaho and editor of Credenda/Agenda magazine.

    Wes Callihan oversees and teaches at Schola Classical Tutorials online.

    Douglas Jones was a fellow at New St. Andrews College, Moscow, Idaho and the senior editor of Credenda/Agenda magazine.

    AUTHORS: Douglas …

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