Single Use Streaming License for the Eve in Exile Documentary

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Rebekah Merkle

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Host a showing of the new Eve in Exile documentary!

The documentary releases on May 6. To host a watch party of any size, purchase a single-use streaming license to get:

  1. One streaming license to show the Eve in Exile documentary from your Canon+ account.
  2. Press kit of digital assets to promote your documentary showing event.
  3. A downloadable flyer with an exclusive code for a month of Canon+ for any new subscribers who attend your showing for $0.99 (put your shipping address in the "Notes" when you check out).
  4. 30% wholesale discount off any number of copies of Eve in Exile the book (email to place this wholesale order).
  5. Free PDF download of the Eve in Exile study guide.

Purchase this license and host a watch party! Contact us via phone or email (; 208-892-8074) to purchase discounted copies of the book.

What People Are Saying about the Film:

Finished watching the upcoming doc Eve in Exile with my kids, and it was 🔥fantastic🔥. If you have questions about womanhood and what God has said about women in Scripture, don’t miss this beautiful and well-written film. -Summer White Jaeger, co-host of Sheologians 

“Looking for a cheat sheet on what is wrong with feminism and why biblical femininity is so much better? Watch Eve and Exile. Do it now. The film is critical but not shrill, earthy but not worldly, and piercing but inspiring. If feminism is cancer (and it is), Rebekah Merkle is your first round of chemo. Leave behind the toilet water of feminism and instead drink deeply from the fresh waters of biblical femininity in Merkle’s Eve in Exile. In a world of ugly, Merkle’s Eve in Exile is an oasis of beautiful biblical femininity.” - Michael Foster  

"Eve in Exile will show you where things went wrong. Then it will point you toward the surprising path back to the garden. Don't watch and sulk about how far you or others have strayed. Watch and get going down the path of faith, work, fruit, and glory.” - Jared Longshore 

"Like Rebekah Merkle's book, this documentary is timely, wise, witty, and motivating. I can hold up Rebekah Merkle as an example to my daughters of a Christian wife and mother who is at the same time wise, witty, skilled, well-educated, and rock solid on believing and cherishing what God the Creator has revealed about men and women: God created both men and women in his image, and God designed them with complementary differences for the home, church, and society.” — Andy Naselli, associate professor of systematic theology and New Testament at Bethlehem College & Seminary in Minneapolis and one of the pastors of Bethlehem Baptist Church

Eve in Exile offers us a truly potent answer to feminism, and does this by providing much more than a mere negative critique. This documentary provides an alternative vision, one that is biblical, stirring, and positive. Too many conservative Christians have assumed that a biblical worldview of femininity consists simply of being 'not feminist.' But this is lazy, negative, and at the end of the day, just reactionary. In our day, feminism has come to its full fruition, such that we cannot even define what a "woman" is anymore. Providing a true biblical alternative, this documentary defines what a woman is, the glory of man, and provides a glorious picture of what that womanhood is for.” —  Douglas Wilson

“This documentary showcases in very tangible (and beautiful) ways what the Bible teaches and what God intends by calling women the glory of man. Rebekah Merkle explains the tragic history and future trajectory of feminism, and contrasts it with God's design for women as glory makers in their homes. Not afraid to get her hands dirty, Rebekah Merkle takes you with her into her own home projects, as well as into the homes of other women where we can see each one building her home with smiles and laughter, expanding His fruitful kingdom on earth.” —  Nancy Wilson  


Customer Reviews

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Erich Huckstedt

The content and the media that was received are excellent and worth it. The only complaint we have is the price for the group viewing. We live in South Africa and must pay for the content in US dollars. This means we pay the US dollar price multiplied by 17. Thank you for ministry to us the Word of God. Blessings

Evangelical Bible Church Office

We had over 60 women attend our single streaming event. The film was excellent and went off without any glitches. Thank you!

Redemption Bible Church INC

Single Use Streaming License for the Eve in Exile Documentary

A great documentary for the whole church, not just the women!

We had the screening of Eve in Exile tonight and I think it is fair to say it made us all think! There was so much positive feedback and many who saw the documentary for the first time tonight want to watch it again! Thank you for providing this service, the documentary engaged our imaginations about what God made us for, reminded us we can trust God as we do our duties as women and to be thankful and joyful in them!