50 Canon Classics Package

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Canon Classics

This package includes all published Canon Classics. Purchase them together for a 10% discount.

Customer Reviews

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Leah Stuart

My fiancé loves this collection. It’s definitely a must have!

Connor Jackson
An Amazing Collection

I have had them in my office for all of a week and had several teachers come in and comment on the new collection. All of the covers are really neat and the books are well bound. I'll let you know how the books are over the next 49 years.

Steve Gorrell
It's not "in the cloud".

A whole box of classics I can put on a bookshelf and access anytime with a tactile approach, confirming that I bought and own this! A real gift you guys created here, and I don't even want to ask how you figured out how to get all that in a box. Nothing was damaged.

Ricky Cooper II
Canon Press books exude quality, the worldview guide equips and edifies readers

Just beginning to read these, my wife and I have been thoroughly impressed thus far. We wanted to add quality books to our family library and expand our knowledge. We're happy to financially support a company that serves King Jesus like we do.