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Brit Lit: Volumes 1-10 (includes Poetry Workbook)

Rebekah Merkle

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Brit Lit: Volumes 1-10 (includes Poetry Workbook)

Rebekah Merkle


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  • Now introducing the one & only Brit Lit for classical schools!

    This British Literature series covering classic English authors from Beowulf to P. G. Wodehouse is unique: Each volume of Logos Press's Brit Lit gives you both the unabridged primary sources and the complete reference tools that teachers and students would need during a year-long British Literature class.

    No more flipping back and forth between reference books and dog-eared thrift editions: For the first time, the classroom helps and the classics themselves are interwoven for classical & Christian schools. …

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  • Rebekah Merkle has dabbled in a number of occupations ranging from running her own clothing label to designing fabrics to becoming a full-time high school humanities teacher (which is fitting, because she was a student in one of the founding classical Christian schools in the USA). Rebekah is also the author of the book Eve in Exile , but by far her proudest accomplishment is her crew of five outrageous, hilarious, …

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