Biology 2 (Grades 4-6)

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Noeo Science

Option: Full Package w/books and pocket microscope

Photosynthesis. Sea mammals. Microscopy.

Noeo Biology 2 takes your kid on a voyage deep into the world of biology. We’ve packed your Noeo box with books, lesson plans, and experiments, all ready to go from day 1.

Comprehensive course of study

Biology 2 roots your kids in the basics of the microscope, then develops them into budding experts in everything from plants to primates to the life of the cell. By the end, your kid will have a comprehensive overview of the biological world.

Everything in one box

Experiment kits and built-in lesson plans mean you can start exploring the world of beetles, stonefish, starlings, and weasels as soon as you open the box. Skip the Ready, Set, move straight to the Go!

Living books

Biology isn’t just about intricate taxonomies—it’s about capybaras and digestion and flowers and scents. We’ve selected every book in Biology 2 to make the world come alive.


Hands-on experiments

Every week your kids will get their hands dirty in the real world with microscopes, octopus bones, owl pellets, and more. And with easy-to-read experiment guides, your kids can do detailed experiments on their own—while you reorganize that closet.

Shareable curriculum

Have multiple kids who want to zoom in on bird feathers and plant cells and master the world of biology? Perfect! Biology 2 is designed so kids across multiple grades can share books, experiments, and lab manuals, or have their own.


Flexible schedule

Need to take a snow day? No problem! With options for both a four-day and two-day per week schedule, Biology 2 enables you to adapt your curriculum to your calendar.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Caleb Oten

Biology 2 (Grades 4-6)

Fun well planned curriculum

We have loved Noeo Biology this year. The books are so informative and fun to read. The Usborne science book has great videos with every page. I have loved the addition of the lab manuals this year because it helps my kids stay involved as we read. We read the questions and search for the answers as we read. This is our third year doing Noeo and the first we've had the lab manual and I have been surprised at how much of a game changer it's been for my kids. This curriculum is well thought out and so much fun to do!

Not a good fit for us

The material felt disjointed, and it just wasn't engaging for my little guy. The student workbook felt more like busy work. I sold it and went a different direction.

Amaron Lane

Biology 2

Monique Kipp

Biology 2