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Beyond the Book Report Season 2 DVD
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Season Two of Beyond the Book Report contains two separate units that continue building the foundation for meaningful literature study and written response.

You’ll receive a DVD with printable files and video lectures as well as a teacher guide. BBR takes the student and teacher step-by-step through the entire process. 

SEASON TWO has two sections:

  • The Poetry Book Report
  • The Drama Book Report

The Poetry Book Report
– Concepts introduced:
Figures of speech: alliteration, metaphor,hyperbole, simile, personification, etc.
Terms: stanza, rhyme scheme, verse, etc.
Types: sonnet, haiku, limerick, etc.
– Activity:
Watch video lecture on poetry
Watch video lecture on scansion and practice
Limerick activity
Poetic devices activity and log
– Final Product (100 pt total):
Write four types of poetry based on your book

The Drama Book Report
– Concepts introduced:
Terms: dialogue, monologue, cast, props, staging, aside, blocking, etc.
Genres: comedy, drama, farce, melodrama
– Activity:
Watch video lecture on drama and Shakespeare
Study A Midsummer Night’s Dream with lecture support
AMND paraphrase/readers’ theater activity
– Final Product (100 pt total):
Reading Log
Dramatization of favorite scene (60 pt)
Literature Terms worksheet