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Andrew and the Firedrake

(16 reviews)

Douglas Wilson

Media: Audiobook

Andrew awakens in a strange garden perched on the side of a mountain.

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The boy can't remember who or where he is. But he does know that he has a task to do—and it's very important he complete it exactly the way he was instructed, no matter who—or what—tells him otherwise.

At every step of his quest. Andrew is faced with a choice: will he do what he knows he must, or will he take a shortcut? He will meet new friends, bitter enemies, and some who are a little of both as he discovers his story is at once stranger and more magical than he thought.

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Douglas Wilson is a pastor in Moscow, Idaho, a father of three, and grandfather of seventeen. He is the author of numerous books, including Beowulf: A New Verse RenderingWhy Children Matter, and What I Learned in Narnia.

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IMPRINT: Canonball Books

GENRE: Middle Grade (Grades 4-9)

AUTHOR: Douglas Wilson

HARDBACK ISBN-10: 1947644122

HARDBACK ISBN-13: 9781947644120

PAPERBACK ISBN-13: 9781944503482

PAPERBACK ISBN-10: 194450348X

PAGE COUNT: 188 pages



PUB DATE: September 10, 2019

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

Quick read that is entertaining! Creative, but the storyline is a bit choppy. It had good Biblical truths, and morals that taught trust and responsibility needs to be earned.

Really wanted to love it but...

I gave it 4 stars for the sound moral content, otherwise I'd have given it 3. The story really drags in the beginning. It took me till halfway through the book to start enjoying it. Its simply written and not very long so fortunately halfway came quickly. It was very hard for me to connect to the main character - he was pretty 2d. Ive read tons of good children's lit so maybe my expectations were too high. All this being said, towards the end of the book I was enjoying the story and when I finished the book I wanted to know what happened next. I read this aloud to my kids (10, 8, and 6) and though it took them a bit to get into it as well, they enjoyed it. I really appreciate how well this book presents truth.

William Floyd
Andrew and the Firedrake Review

I bought this book as a Christmas present for my four year old son. He absolutely loves it and is captivated by it. When we got to the end of each chapter he would ask, "Dad, can we read another chapter?" or exclaim "Dad, keep reading!" The theological and practical truths illustrated throughout the book make it a perfect book to read to your children. Parents will definitely benefit from it as well. Highly recommended.

Serge Chvorun
Love that my Son is building up a storehouse of Biblical metaphors

Excellent book. I enjoyed the layering of metaphors. I love seeing my son understand some of the subtext and ask me questions about dragons. Are they real? Why do we have to fight them? Explaining to him that some metaphors are more real than the physical, and seeing his puzzled face is a reward in and of its self.

Overall without spoiling anything, I recommend the book. The struggle is described well with ups and downs, and an honest look into the heart of man. Also, my son loves the book.

Albert Burnham
Excellent Book

I bought this to read through with our kids, Wilson is an excellent writer and the story is fantastic. There are some wonderful lessons to be read and explored with your children here!