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6th Grade Literature Package (13 Chapter Books)

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Every book in our 6th Grade Logos Homeschool Bundle, conveniently packaged.

To save money, we would encourage you to find these books at your local library or buy them as you go. The Daily Lesson plan will prompt you to go find a copy two weeks before you start the next book. 

Call of the Wild and White Fang PBK
A Christmas Carol (Canon Classics)
The Hobbit PBK
The Jungle Book (Canon Classics)
The Last Battle Mass Market Paperbound
The Phantom Tollbooth PBK
The Pushcart War PBK
Rascal PBK
Scottish Seas PBK
Tales from Shakespeare PBK
Treasure Island (Worldview Edition)
Watership Down PBK
What I Learned in Narnia PBK