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Our Mother Tongue
The complete, concise grammar guide
Helping everyone grasp English grammar.
Our Mother Tongue

The importance of the spoken and written word in Christian culture
cannot be overestimated: Teach your children grammar with Our Mother Tongue.

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Simple. Traditional. Challenging.

In this English grammar guide, Nancy Wilson surveys the major concepts in English grammar for beginners at the late elementary and junior high level (recommended grades 6-9).

She avoids common, contrived sentences that serve merely to illustrate her point; instead, she uses many selections from Scripture and from great English writers which help to instruct the student through their content, style, and structure. In addition to a helpful format that highlights key definitions, punctuation issues, and important concepts, short historical sidebars tell the fascinating story of the development of English.

Watch How Our Mother Tongue Works

Find out why Our Mother Tongue swerves the soul crushing weight of Shurley English while maintaining insightful lessons, various exercises, and great quotes!

What's New in the 2nd Edition

• Completely new and user-friendly layout.
• Semester-long daily schedules for classes meeting one to five days a week.
• Brand new sections on topics not covered in the previous edition, such as the famous Oxford comma
• Exercises designed by the author, based on the prose of the Bible and other famous authors
• Fun quotes at the beginning of each chapter about grammar, the rules of punctuation, and much more

Parents' Reviews
If I was taught grammar this way . . . rather than drill and kill, I believe I would have fallen in love with grammar and language.
Simple and clear with helpful exercises. This is a must for homeschooling grammar
By far the best grammar product we have used. Our daughter understood it with ease and didn't require any help even with diagramming sentences! There is also a wealth of sidebar info. You can't beat it for the price.
Veronica Romano
Five Stars. Lessons laid out nicely and able to use it at your own pace. Interesting, not overwhelming, understandable
grow in grace
I was looking for a text that [my son] could work through and then be finished. . . I finally settled
Amazing help for people grasping classical English! Really helped me get a grip
Lulu S.
Lessons are short and sweet and to the point, not much fluff to them. . . printed on nice thick paper, not the really flimsy others we have had
This has been a great help for my children's writing and logic skills.
A more "natural" way to teach the dry subject matter of grammar, Charlotte Mason style.
I purchased this to brush up on my grammar skills and am finding it to be an excellent tool. Highly recommended!
R. Laycock
very inexpensive and designed for older children (4th and up) and/or parents to use as a comprehensive grammar program. You might be interested in going through this yourself or with your DC. I think it was actually written to help homeschool moms with their grammar!
Another vote for Our Mother Tongue. I have my all my high schoolers do it as their 'wrap-up grammar program.
R. Laycock
Nancy Wilson

Nancy has been a pastor’s wife and homemaker in Moscow, Idaho for more than thirty years. She is the author of a number of books including True Companion, Building Her House, The Fruit of Her Hands, and Praise Her in the Gates, and a regular contributor to feminagirls.com. She and her husband Douglas have three children and seventeen grandchildren, which makes for some crazy Sabbath dinners.

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