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It's hard work parenting kids of different ages, skills, and interests, so we designed instructor's guides with flexible, doable schedules so you can get science done for multiple kids under two hours a week.
Shareable curriculum saves time

Noeo gets science done under 1-2 hours a week. Multiple kids can share one level because each level is curated to fit a child’s reading ability and interest, which you can judge best. Next year, move on to a fresh, new subject at their appropriate reading level.

Start studying what they already like

Dive right in to forests, microscopic worlds, Edison, chemical reactions, Pasteur, magnets, Einstein, and more—no prior education required, so nobody falls behind or plays catch up.

Simply pick a subject below that fits your child’s interest and reading level.

BIOLOGY: the study of life and living organisms

“Science that got done meant that it was scheduled, complete, and flexible. . . [Biology 2] is a manageable amount of work and the experiments are all right there and require minimal energy on my part to happen.” ~ HomeAgain

Biology 1, Grades 1-3
Level one covers fish, mammals, birds, plants and trees, weather, the human body, major ecosystems, invertebrates, and introduces students to Pasteur and Audubon.
Biology 2, Grades 4-6
Level two covers insects, plants, fungi, the human body, seeds and flowers, fish and marine life, birds and winged life, reptiles and amphibians, mammals, the microscopic world, biological classifications, ecology and conservation.
Foundational Biology, Grades 9+
The Riot and the Dance is a college admissible science curriculum like no other. Students get a foundational knowledge of living things with the primary goal to stir up a long-lasting wonder and curiosity about life—and a greater desire to praise the Creator.
Chemistry: the study of matter's elements, compounds, and reactions

“The biggest thing was it was doable and it got done. At times it felt light, but when my kids got through level 2 I was very pleased with their science knowledge. . . The books are much more visual friendly and interesting than a text book, we particularly liked the chem 2” ~ Dudley

Chemistry 1, Grades 1-3
Level one covers chemical reactions, atoms and molecules, solids, liquids, gases, compounds, mixtures, solutions, acids and bases, the periodic table, polymers and plastics, rocks, minerals, and crystals.
Chemistry 2, Grades 4-6
Level two covers more about atoms and molecules, solids, liquids, gases, compounds, mixtures, solutions, elements, the periodic table, and geology.
Chemistry 3, Grades 7-8
Level three goes more in-depth on chemical reactions, metals, nonmetals, mixtures, compounds and solutions, states of matter, acids and bases, history of chemistry, the periodic table.
PHYSICS: the study of how matter behaves in our universe

“Two thumbs up for Noeo Physics I. I used it w/ds 8/9 with little dd 5/6 tagging along and retaining more than I ever expected. I knew that it would be hard for me to assemble the materials for the experiments that year so the [kits] were well worth the money to me. I loved the schedule. . . I highly recommend this program.” ~ Spetzi

Physics 1, Grades 1-3
Level one covers light, sound, electricity, magnetism, flight, space, forces and motion, simple machines and introduces students to Einstein, Franklin, Edison, Bell, and Galileo.
Physics 2, Grades 4-6
Level two covers more about light, sound, electricity, energy, forces and motion, astronomy and introduces students to Archimedes, Galileo, and Newton.
Physics 3, Grades 7-8
Level three goes more in-depth on light, sound, electricity, energy, forces and motion, Simple machines, magnets and electromagnetism, a history of physics and introduces students to Einstein, Archimedes, Copernicus, and Galileo.
What about. . .
kids who are four grades apart?
Depending on their interest and reading level, younger ones can listen in on older student's lessons, provided they encounter that information again in the future. Older students have doubled their subjects load or did extra readings or activities.
reusable kits and lab manuals?
Majority of our experiment kits are reusable or common in household pantries. For the minority of kits, like owl pellets, that aren't reusable and for lab manuals, simply reorder them.
science-loving kids who want more?
We are developing a series of brain teasers and additional experiments for them. Click below to get access to the beta versions!
No homeschool needs to play catch up with science anymore.

Noeo packages come with all the living books, experiments, lab manuals, and instructor’s guides homeschools need to get science done.

So don't miss out on science your family will love and get Noeo Science today!
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