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Logos Press Homeschool Bundles
Everything You Need. All year.
We've packed our proven methods built over 30+ years of teaching in brick and mortar schools and brought it straight into your home. You only need to make one order each year, so you can focus on your kids!
How it Works
We like to keep things simple and make it easy on parents. No more scrambling, no more throwing out bad lessons or books. We've built our bundles to have everything you need, and nothing you don't.
1. Pick Your Grade Level
Wherever your kids are at, we have a spot for them. We stick to grade levels based on our extensive brick and mortar experience.
2. Fill Out the Order Form
Have some of the books already and don't want to reorder? No problem. Simply uncheck the books you'd like to leave out.
3. Get Back to Teaching
Once your order is placed, we'll ship you your full or custom bundle. Now you can get back to what's important.
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