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The Great Homeschooling Conventions have moved online, but we didn't want you to miss out on the conference specials! Special offers below.
Our two conference specials:
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Don't miss your favorite speakers.

We can’t be there in person with you, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss your favorite authors and speakers you wouldn’t have missed at GHC.

"Terrible as an Army with Banners: Raising Daughters who will Scare the World" by Rebekah Merkle
True femininity is a powerful thing, and it is under attack in our culture for a reason. We should raise our daughters to be be courageous, intelligent, bold...and unapologetically feminine. The kind of feminine that both infuriates and terrifies the rulers of our godless age. This talk is from the author of Eve in Exile and Classical Me for Homeschools.
"Incarnate Rhetoric: Proof, Persuasion, and Words Made Flesh" by N.D. Wilson
Logic is fundamental, but it is powerless without rhetoric: written and verbal communication constructed to potently prove, persuade, and move our fellow humans. Training students to reason soundly and to write and speak compellingly is to empower them with potent sanity in this crazy age they are going to inherit. This talk is by bestselling children's author and filmmaker N.D. Wilson.
"Meet the Lab Rats: Classical Ed from the Inside Out": Round table with Rachel Jankovic, N.D. Wilson, and Rebekah Merkle
The current resurgence of Classical Christian education began in Moscow, Idaho (of all places) in 1981 -- and we were there as three of the very first lab rats. After both going Kindergarten-to-college in the movement (and remaining involved to the present), we have pretty much seen every pitfall and benefit the approach has to offer. And we aren't shy about sharing.
"Small Beginnings: How Faithfulness Grows in Education and Life" by Douglas Wilson
If God intends to do a work, it does not matter how small the beginning is. The prophet Zechariah teaches us not to despise the day of small beginnings (Zech. 4:10). But while it does not matter how small a seed is, it does matter what kind of seed it is. This talk offers some cautions and observations from a longtime pastor and founder of the modern classical Christian education movement, who has seen a lot of seeds planted.
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