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Eighth Grade
Eighth grade is a great time
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Designed for busy parents who want to teach their kids real science, Noeo Physics 3 contains a year’s worth of complete daily lesson plans and regular experiment kits (supplies included!). Phys 3 is an exciting bundle, teaching your kid about the wonders of physics in detail and with lots of gadgets and simple machines. Covers in greater depth concepts like energy, sound, magnetism, and more, focusing on famous scientists Einstein, Archimedes, Copernicus, and Galileo.


Every student must take logic during junior high: it’s directly suited to this developmental stage. Intermediate Logic is an award-winning program that teaches your student to master propositional arguments, truth trees, truth tables, digital logic (optional), and much more. Includes a new DVD course to teach your student all difficult concepts.


Principles of War and How to Be Free from Bitterness are two books on evangelism, prayer, and everyday Christian faithfulness. New Testament Survey continues this overview of the Bible, covering the basics of the New Testament in detail and giving your kids a solid biblical foundation.


Don’t make your kids hate math with the “drill-to-death” approach favored by programs like Saxon. Instead, your kid will develop a love of math with the story-based program Life of Fred for Pre-Algebra 2 w/ Economics and Life of Fred: Beginning Algebra, reinforced with Zillions of Practice Problems. Life of Fred is award-winning (and affordable!).


Your student is ready to get beyond the book report (season 2) with Analytical Grammar (continued from 7th Grade). Along with this composition and grammar instruction, your kid will continue to boost helpful vocabulary for college admissions tests (and professional life) with the Vocabulary from Classical Roots series.


The novels in the eighth grade lit package are an exciting mix of adventure stories and classics that no one should make it through school without reading (including some more C.S. Lewis). If you’d prefer, you can find the list of eleven novels at logospressonline.com and borrow the books from your local library.


Kraken Latin is the new program designed for students coming from a variety of Latin backgrounds who want to be able to read simple stories and the Latin Bible. It’s a grammar-based approach that focuses on weekly composition and translation of original and adapted stories to master the (Latin) Kraken. Book 2 slows down the pace and lets students focus on the stories they’re translating as they read more interesting Latin stories.

History & Geography

The goal of the 8th Grade History and Geography course is to give students an idea of what the nations of the world are like right now. Your student will use the award-winning program Mapping the World by Heart to draw the entire world, and supplement it with the World Almanac and Book of Facts.

Make it a Homeschool Bundle!

Here’s the magic book that brings it all together: The Complete Eighth Grade Daily Lesson Plans! Our Logos Press team has adapted all the best materials from Logos School (the pioneering school of the classical, Christian education movement) and broken down each day into subjects with specific and easy assignments. Your eighth grader will finish everything they need to do over the course of 36 weeks to imitate the faithfulness and success of Logos — at home