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Join to share information with other parents and teachers or to ask questions from friendly peers, first-timers, and experts in Science, Logic, Grammar, Writing, Latin, History, Theology, and more. We believe Christian educators have one of the highest callings on the planet—because God commands us to love Him with *all* of our minds!
Group Forums by Subject

We have tons of cool communities made for parents, homeschoolers, and educators who are first-timers, veterans, and experts like you!

Logos English and Writing Forum
Your forum on English and writing curricula, like our Imitation in Writing, Canon Classics, and Grammar of Spelling series.
Logos Classical Latin
Your forum on Latin curricula, like Storybook Latin, Logos Latin, Latin Primer, and Kraken Latin.
Noeo Science Forum
Your forum on science curricula, like Noeo Science, the Grammar of Science, and the Riot and the Dance Foundational Biology.
Bible Curriculum
Your forum on Bible curricula, like the Covenantal Catechism series.
Logos Homeschool Bundles Forum
Your forum on Logos Homeschool Bundles.
Classical Math Forum
Your forum on classical math, like the Math Mammoth or The Life of Fred series.
Canon Logic Forum
Your forum on logic, like what's in our Canon Logic Series and the Amazing Doctor Ransom's Bestiary of Adorable Fallacies.