What I Learned in Narnia

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Douglas Wilson

Media: Paperback

One rainy day, years ago, a little girl named Lucy discovered that the back of a wardrobe isn't always just the back of a wardrobe. Sometimes, it's a door into another world.

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In Lucy's case, that other world was called Narnia, and though she was among the first to enter it, she was by no means the last. Millions of children (young and old) have followed her there and met its strange but wonderful inhabitants—Mr. Tumnus, Reepicheep, and Puddleglum, among others.

But the lessons of Narnia don't just belong to the world of fiction and fantasy. We may never meet fawns, talking mice, or marshwiggles in our ordinary lives, but the lessons they teach in The Chronicles of Narnia are the very lessons we need to fight the battles we face in our everyday lives.

Douglas Wilson begins this series of meditations on C.S. Lewis's The Chronicles of Narnia with the observation, "This is not intended to be an introduction to Narnia at all, but is rather more like a conversation between good friends about some other good friends, talking about what a good time we all had and why."

Wilson highlights the practical themes of mature, Christian living that emerge from these classic tales—nobility, confession, complete grace—a joyful contrast to the thinness of modern life. A must for any Narnia fan, young or old.

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What People Are Saying:

"A fine book. Douglas Wilson knows that the best way to learn from the Narnia Chronicles is by approaching them as stories to be read and reread. Only when we freely enjoy them as tales of adventure will they ever truly edify. Love is the great opener of eyes, and this book is full of insights."-Michael Ward, author of Planet Narnia: The Seven Heavens in the Imagination of C.S. Lewis and Chaplain of St Peter's College, Oxford

"For me, Doug Wilson is like his mentor Lewis—even when I disagree I find myself spiritually challenged, thoughtfully provoked, and longing for more child-like wonder and enchantment. I trust this book will do the same for all who read its pages." -Justin Taylor, managing editor, ESV Study Bible and blogger, Between Two Worlds

"The best reading is the kind that weaves in and out of our own lives, so that it's hard to tell where the books end and we begin. C. S. Lewis wrote books that ask to be read that way, and here Douglas Wilson heeds the call. What I Learned in Narnia is a rich response to stories that hold a world of wisdom. Wilson draws forth that wisdom and shows it to us." -Alan Jacobs, author of The Narnian: The Life and Imagination of C. S. Lewis and professor of English, Wheaton College

Douglas Wilson is a pastor in Moscow, Idaho, a father of three, and grandfather of seventeen. He is the author of numerous books, including Decluttering Your Marriage, Future Men, and How to Exasperate Your Wife.

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AUTHOR: Douglas Wilson

PAGE COUNT: 174 pages

SIZE: 5.50x8.50"

BINDING: Paperback

ISBN-10: 1591280796

ISBN-13: 9781591280798

PUB. DATE: November 23, 2010

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Rachel Lautermilch
Absolutely loved it!

My husband and I listened to this together and both agreed it was much too short! Highly recommend!

Charlton Hollon

Excellent! One of the best books on Narnia I’ve read!

A Good Book is a Treasure Which No One is too Poor to Buy

I read this book expecting some funny anecdotes for children and came away from it loving Lewis more than ever. It reminded me of all the reasons why The Chronicles of Narnia have always been so dear to me and my family. Wilson picks up on so many little details, and I’m afraid I’m going to have to re-read a few times to really appreciate it.
It is of course, non-stop spoilers so watch out if you haven’t read them all yet.
I cannot recommend this book more.

Jeffrey Jowers
Useful Tool

This is a well written and thought provoking look at Narnia. As a parent, it helps me engage in important lessons in a meaningful way. Definitely worth reading and having my children read.

There was one quote from Horse and His Boy attributed to Peter that was actually said by Edmund. But hey no one's perfect.

Susie McNair

What I learned in Narnia