Latin Primer 1

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Martha Wilson

Latin: Book Package + Audio

Over half of the English language is derived from Latin.

aquarium—aqua, water
fable—fabula, story
clamor—clamo, I shout
dolphin—delphinus, dolphin
narrator—narro, I tell 

When we study Latin, we're not just learning about Rome—we're learning about ourselves. Rediscover this time-honored language, which led classical education pioneer Dorothy Sayers to declare that "Latin should be begun as early as possible ... when the chanting of amo, amas, amatis as ritually agreeable to the feelings as the chanting of eeny, meeny, miney, moe."

In Latin Primer 1 Martha Wilson equips elementary school students (grades 3 and up) with a solid foundation in classical Latin. Newly revised and expanded, this text covers the very basics: vocabulary for everyday concepts like farming, sailing, the human body, constellations, and family; verb and noun endings; and other beginning grammar concepts.

This package is the complete Latin Primer 1 (3rd edition). It's everything you need to learn (or teach) beginning Latin.

Please note: We have removed the flash cards from the Book Package—because they are available for free download here and here. If you want to save yourself the hassle of getting them printed, you can buy them from us. We're leaving it up to you. If you want to drill them on quizlet, click here.

The full package contains the following items:

  • Student Text (perfect bound, 180 pages)
  • Teacher's Edition (perfect bound)
  • Audio Guide (audio download) - This audio guide download is a single mpeg-4 audio file, which means it is very large. You can navigate the file in iTunes by clicking the "Chapters" tab on the menu bar. This enables you to move from week to week, rather than just restarting the file from the beginning every time you play it.

Martha Wilson received a bachelor's degree from Washington State University majoring in both elementary education and fine arts. She taught at Logos School in Moscow, Idaho from 1985-1991, studied Latin at New St. Andrew's College and the University of Idaho, and was the Latin teacher at Logos for her last three years there. She and her husband Jeff live in Georgetown, Kentucky with their seven children in an old house on a quiet street. Most summers they drive their big tan van across the prairies and mountains to the Northwest, visiting and sightseeing along the way. As befitting a mother of seven, she is somewhat of an expert on soups. Their family is part of the Georgetown Evangelical Free Church.

Student Edition:

AUTHOR: Martha Wilson

PAGE COUNT: 200 pages

SIZE: 8.50x11"

BINDING: Paperback

ISBN 10: 1591280540

ISBN-13: 9781591280545

PUB. DATE: March 31, 2009


Teacher Edition:

AUTHOR: Martha Wilson

PAGE COUNT: 360 pages

SIZE: 8.50x11"

BINDING: Paperback

ISBN 10: 1591280559

ISBN-13: 9781591280552

PUB. DATE: March 11, 2009



ISBN-13: 9781591280644

ISBN-10: 1591280648

Sheets: 95

Dimensions: 11x8.5"

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    A. Aladejebi

    A great program for Latin. I am using for a 5yr old and 9yr old. Great way for me to learn too. Needs an errata sheet. Definitely get the vocabulary cards, unless you want to make your own. Great curriculum which we will finish in less than a year.

    A Gib

    Great resource!

    Content Good; Audio Guide Needs Help

    The content of the book is good. I do find it a bit heavy. I have a 7 year old, and this is a lot of material to cover and memorize in 1 week. We usually need to spread it out over a 2 week period. The Teacher Edition says the book is primarily for ages 5-10. The Student Workbook has a lot of writing involved, and I just don't see how a typical 5-7 year old would be able to fill in all these questions when you consider that age is still working on reading, spelling, and penmanship. I usually just read the questions aloud and we work through them orally.
    The Audio Guide needs some work. It isn't user friendly to me. I can view that it has "chapters", but it doesn't have tracks. So I can't just click on the week that I need I have to click through to find the week (e.g. if it's on week 1 and I need week 6 I will have to click through to get there rather than just clicking on the week I need). I can't seem to get tracks to show up on my phone or laptop.
    Overall, the material is good but there is definitely room for improvement. I'd recommend this for a 6-8 year old if you are willing to spend more time helping with filling in answers and taking a bit more time to go over each week. A 9-10 year old could probably handle doing each lesson in the timeframe it's intended to be done in. If you are unfamiliar with Latin (as I am) this is going to take a bit of prep work for the teacher, but that is to be expected.

    Meribeth Phillips
    Straightforward and effective curriculum!

    Great system of learning Latin that corresponds very well with the Latin we are already memorizing through Classical conversations. Hopeful that time spent with this curriculum is setting them up well for their Challenge years. I would definitely recommend!!

    James Hassell

    Latin Primer 1