The Door Before (100 Cupboards Prequel)

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N.D. Wilson

Media: Paperback

Open the cupboard door to this action-packed fantasy that will take readers to the very beginning of the bestselling 100 Cupboards series!

When Hyacinth finds an unusual door, two boys in search of vengeance, and a witch intent on destroying the world, the ultimate battle of good vs. evil begins!
Hyacinth Smith can see things that others miss, stop attack dogs from attacking, and grow trees where no trees have grown before. But she’s never had a real home. When her father tells them they’ve inherited a house from their great-aunt, Hyacinth sees trouble brewing. Their great-aunt has been playing with forces beyond her control, using her lightning-tree forest to create doors to other worlds. When one door opens, two boys tumble through ... bringing with them a battle with the undying witch-queen, Nimiane. Hyacinth, together with the boys, must use her newfound magic and all of her courage to journey straight into the witch’s kingdom in a daring plan to trap evil and kill the immortal. Read this book *after* you've read the 100 Cupboards series and the Ashtown Burials series.

What People Are Saying About 100 Cupboards:

"Wilson has perfected the art of the high-fantasy novel, creating new ideas and worlds with inventive aplomb." -Kirkus Reviews

"A must-read series!" -The Washington Post

"[100 Cupboards] is my favorite kind of fantasy." -Tamora Pierce, New York Times bestselling Author

"This fast-paced fantasy features empathetic heroes and horrifying monsters." -School Library Journal

Nathan Wilson lives and writes in the top of a tall, skinny house only one block from where he was born. But his bestselling novels, including the highly acclaimed 100 Cupboards series, have traveled far and wide and have been translated into dozens of languages. He and his wife have five young storytellers of their own, along with an unreasonable number of pets. You can visit him online at

AUTHOR: Nathan Wilson

PUBLISHER: Random House

ISBN-10: 044981677X

ISBN-13: 9780449816776


BINDING: Hardcover

PUB DATE: June 27, 2017

Read the Original Trilogy:

100 Cupboards (Book One): Young Henry York goes to live with his aunt and uncle and cousins in Kansas, only to find another world in the attic!

Dandelion Fire (Book Two): Henry enters the world of the hundred cupboards, and finds himself in conflict with the witch he sent there.

The Chestnut King (Book Three): Henry finally stops running away from his enemy and from death and faces off against the witch with the help of the Chestnut king.

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adam ambuul

The Door Before (100 Cupboards Prequel)

Shell Rosengren

Amazing books, my daughter loves them!

Martha Ramirez
Must-have for fans

After reading books 1-3, the prequel is a must-have!

Ashleigh Anderson

The Door Before (100 Cupboards Prequel)