Kill the Dragon, Get the Girl

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Cheston Hervey & Darren Doane

Kill the Dragon, Get the Girl is a wild and snaky book written for the whole family. It's full of fire and brimstone and pepperoni pizza. 

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Lacy is the sole survivor of a freak accident that took eleven of her friends and the use of her legs. It left her with night terrors, and though no one will say it to her face, everybody thinks she might have gone a little crazy. Lacy's younger brother Tommy has no such problems, although having the largest vocabulary in your class and being constantly preoccupied with medieval weaponry comes with its own set of difficulties. But when Lacy and Tommy and their friend Wayne (big belt buckle, big hat, wishes he could do two hundred pull ups) are forced to confront a suspicious recluse named Verdell Graham, things go from bad to worse. The kids are sucked into an adventure that challenges their perception of reality and demands that they face what they fear most, alone.

Canonball Books is the children's imprint of Canon Press. At Canonball, we believe stories are soul food, so you can expect excitement, danger, loyalty, virtue, and family in your Canonball books. Feed your kids the right books!

What People Are Saying:

"I'm a Gramma, and I couldn't put it down. I started reading it out loud to myself to get a feel for how my kids would read it to their kids, but when I couldn't wait to see what would happen next I started just reading it for myself. It's that good." -Bonnie

"Like J K Rowling and N D Wilson, it is everything I love in teen novels: all-at-a-gulp breathless, poetic prose, unexpected. And more -the story is unapologeticly cross shaped without cheese." -Donald

"Great read aloud with the the kids!" -Michael

Cheston Hervey is an accomplished screenwriter who has also spent a decade as a teacher. He and his wife Katherine live in the Pacific Northwest with their son Owen and two barely tolerated cats. Kill the Dragon is his first book.

Darren Doane is a prolific indie filmmaker, music video director, and comic book enthusiast. He lives on a farm with his wife Natalie and four kids. He is the founder of Hero 4 Baby Studios.

AUTHORS: Cheston Hervey & Darren Doane

PAGE COUNT: 194 pages

SIZE: 5.5x7"

ISBN 10: 1591281881

ISBN-13: 9781591281887

PUB. DATE: October 20, 2015

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
James Dare
Pretty good story.

Fun and easy to read! Bought it for my 15 year old as a gift, however he hasn’t read it, nor do I believe he will. I read it and found it fun and entertaining. Good humor and danger mix. Themes were good. Would have liked a little more Scripture from “Mr. Graham”, but I definitely would recommend it for a fun little book for family story time.

My boys loved it!

We consumed this little adventure in only three sittings as a family read-aloud. My 7 and 9 year old boys loved it. The story is intense, but never elicited fear or problems sleeping after reading. The Biblical imagery is clear enough that the boys recognized it, but was so organically part of the story that it didn't seem cheesy. Definitely a new favorite!

rachel mcguire
Kid Approved

Do not allow the lightness of the book in your hand to deceive your senses. We found the adventure disturbing, squirm-worthy, frightening and not nearly satisfying enough. My littles have asked, "Where is the sequel?!" It couldn't possibly end like that!! Thanks Canon for stirring our minds and souls.

Great book!

A great page turner that was enjoyed by the whole family.