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Huguenot Garden

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Douglas Jones

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What would you do if your family were persecuted by the government? How do you live and love one another?

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Huguenot Garden is a children's story of the daily and adventurous episodes in the lives of Rene and Albret Martineau, young twin sisters in a seventeeth-century, French Protestant family. This entertaining but moving story follows the twins and the rest of the Martineau family as they work, worship, commune, and suffer persecution together. This short novel by Douglas Jones aims to portray the ideas and historical details common to Huguenot life in La Rochelle, France, 1685, a tragic year whose final quarter brought the full wrath of Louis XIV.

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What People Are Saying:

Winner of the C.S. Lewis Noteworthy Book Award, 1995

"Rich with details from the calamitous days of the Reformation in seventeenth-century France, the story opens our eyes to the personal passions and the human sacrifices that were necessary to enliven the principles of liberty.... Read this inspiring story aloud to your children. Then, read it again by yourself." -George Grant, World magazine

"The book serves as a gentle, kid-level introduction for children to the ungentle theme of persecution, which could have been quite a fearful subject, but does so without scaring them, being neither sugar-coated nor too graphically horrific. The author has chosen to underscore God’s faithfulness rather than the tyranny of men." -Homeschool Book Review

Douglas Jones was the senior editor Credenda/Agenda magazine and a fellow of philosophy at New St. Andrews College, Moscow, Idaho. He is also author of the children's books Scottish Seas and Dutch Color.

AUTHOR: Douglas Jones

PAGE COUNT: 118 pages

SIZE: 5x8"

BINDING: Paperback

ISBN-10: 188576721X

ISBN-13: 9781885767219

PUB. DATE: June, 1995

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sally Patterson

Very beautiful touching heart felt story. My children and I enjoyed reading it very much together 💕

Kristi Wilbanks
A Favorite!!

I read this out loud to my children and we all enjoyed it. God honoring, exciting, historically accurate, well written with an easy flow and good character development, I would definitely recommend this book.

Trent Still
Great to read with a covenant child

My son (7) and I loved this book. Looking forward to reading the others in the series.

Jill Greensides
great people at Canon

excellent experience