The Roar on the Other Side: A Guide for Student Poets


Suzanne U. Rhodes

For all its storied past and lofty reputation, poetry is really just the art of noticing, naming, and comparing the stuff of this world.

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Unlike the eye of modern science (which sees the world as a giant specimen for us to dissect), poetry fosters and nurtures life by finding wonder in the nooks and crannies of ordinary life.

Suzanne Rhodes, a longtime poet and teacher, offers The Roar on the Other Side as an introductory guide to poetry for students (junior high and up). Focusing on the importance of sight and the necessity of practice, Rhodes easily communicates the joy of words to her readers and helps them see how good poetry binds all seemingly-contradictory things together. Students will emerge from this book with a good handle on the basics of writing poetry and a new appreciation for the awesome world in which we live. It covers poetic tools (similes, metaphors, figurative language, etc); forms (sonnets, haiku, syllabic verse); tricks (assonance, alliteration, rhyme); genres (lyric, narrative, epic, ballad, etc.); and exercises that encourage students to experiment more.

What People Are Saying:

"[Rhodes] is at once playful and inviting, insightful and enabling. For all her rhetorical gentleness and modesty, her lessons provide the beginning poet a glimpse, early on, of what many fail to observe after many years of toiling in the craft: that poetry is the language of revelation, a most immediate means by which we may suspect the Mystery of the Word inhabiting our lives." -Scott Cairns, author of Recovered Body

"Generously, gracefully, The Roar on the Other Side imparts both information and inspiration. What are the devices of poetry? How can apprentice poets master their craft? Why write, and to whom? Suzanne supplies answers and examples, rigorous standards and gentle guidance. A lovely, helpful book." -Kelly Cherry, author of Death and Transfiguration

Reader Reviews:

"I used this when I taught Creative Writing for a few years in a private school. It was exactly what I needed for the poetry course. Although the course was an elective, the student still were not looking forward to the poetry section. Once we were finished they liked poetry much more, and I know it's partly because of this book.... If you are looking for a homeschool book for a blossoming writer I can't recommend this one enough." -Dawn

"Absolutely top-notch book on poetry! One I will be referencing in the future. Very inspiring for those who have been intimidated by poetry but are fascinated by its magical nature." -Nicholas

"This book will inspire your kids. Lots of great poems, poetry terminology, and exercises for students to try their hand at seeing how a poet sees, and playing with words to create their own poetry." -a reader

"This book helped me look at poetry first as a way of seeing and then as a way of writing. This influenced my poetry writing for years after. I highly recommend this book." -a reader

AUTHOR: Suzanne Underwood Rhodes

PAGE COUNT: 192 pages

SIZE: 5.50x8.50"

BINDING: Paperback

ISBN-10: 1885767668

ISBN-13: 9781885767660

PUB. DATE: October 1, 2001